Contacting ContextUS
How do I get in touch with you if I have a question or comment?
We love to hear from ContextUS users! Write to us at [email protected].

How do I report a mistake?
If you spot a mistake in a locked text in ContextUS, we want to know about it. However, we find that most textual errors that get reported to us are not in fact mistakes. This is in part due to textual variances between different editions of a text. Before you report something, always click on the about text button at the bottom of the page to learn what edition or version of a text ContextUS is using.
To properly report a typo or textual error to ContextUS, make sure to include the following:
1. The URL of the page you're looking at.
2. What text version you're looking at (to find this information, click on the about button in the resource panel).
3. What the current text is.
4. What you think the text should be
5. What you are using to make your determination. If you are looking at a printed book, please provide enough information to uniquely identify the book you're using. If the edition you're using is not the same as the edition we are using, we will be unlikely to change the text-based simply on differing textual traditions. We will only change it if we believe that either the printer made a mistake, or we made a mistake when we digitized a text. Textual differences can be handled by adding the second textual tradition as another text version.
Include the five pieces of information above and email it to [email protected]
A note on the ContextUS Community Edition The ContextUS community edition is a crowdsourced edition edited by people like yourself. If you see a mistake in that edition, do not report it to ContextUS. It can only improve if you take the initiative to fix it.
Reporting an error directly from the website
1. Click on the text with the error to open the resource panel.
2. Click on "Feedback".
3. Select "Report an issue with the text" from the dropdown menu.
4. Answer the questions above and submit the form.
Reporting an error directly from the app
1. Long click on the text that contains an error.
2. Click on "Report Error".
3. Answer questions 3-5 from above.

How do I report a bug?
From the website
1. Open the resource panel by clicking anywhere in the text.
2. Click on "Feedback".
3. Select "Report a Bug" from the dropdown menu and complete the form.
4. Answers to the following questions are really useful in trying to solve potential bugs:
  • What is the current behavior you’re seeing that seems wrong?
  • Please provide the steps to reproduce the issue and, if possible, a video or animated gif of the problem.
  • What is the expected behavior that you think should be happening?
  • What is the URL of the page that you see this problem on?
From the app
Send an email to [email protected] with the information listed above.

How do I request a text or translation?
We love to hear suggestions from ContextUS users. We have created a form that you can fill out with your requests.
It's important to keep in mind that many texts have copyright restrictions that limit our ability to put everything on the site.